Tuesday, February 18

Valentines Day 2014

I know I promised to be bold this valentines day and buck the tradition of pink dresses, but I failed to do so this year as I somewhat suspected I would. Friday morning as I rifled through my wardrobe I came upon this pink polka dot dress from Bear and Twine Vintage and couldn't resist the call of the  polka dots! A couple of days before I had picked up a bunch of basics from H&M and this white sweater layered perfectly over the sleeveless dress.

It's funny to look back at last years V-day outfit, I was wearing bare legs and rain boots, this year I admit I haven't even bothered shaving my wintery legs yet, not until the sunshine comes out!

Photobomb! Vintage dress from Bear and Twine on Etsy, H&M sweater and leggings, gifted necklace
 Lucky for me my new camera remote arrived in the mail before Vday and I was able to catch the last bit of sunshine when I came home from work. It feels good to have some new outfit pictures taken, and I even got Nick and the furballs to pose for some family pictures. Maybe it's because V-day falls so close to Family Day here in Alberta, but we're making a tradition of taking a family portrait this long weekend every year. Below, last years and this years! Needless to say, our new house gets a bit more light than the apartment did in the evenings!
Valentines day 2013
Valentines day 2014. Tommy was surprisingly OK with this...
Our little family is growing at an alarming rate!

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