Thursday, January 2

Christmas Day

 Every year around November 30th I get antsy and start looking for a Christmas dress. Sometimes I'll find one right away, this year I had my eye on a few online, but I waited too long to seriously think about ordering them! Instead, I trekked it to the mall on my last day of work and found this little number on sale at The Bay. I love the shape of the dress, the leather detail, and the fact it has sleeves!

I was hoping to do a family photo in front of the barn on Christmas day, but I managed to forget my camera remote at home so Nick snapped these picks of me in my Christmas dress with Lola in her Christmas sweater (sewn by Nicks mum!). Some day we'll get a picture of the whole Petry-Jewell clan!

It was snowy here on Christmas, but warm and sunny. We had a grand time visiting with all of the family and Lola had an amazing time staying with Nicks parents for the afternoon and playing with her sister Molly! She had so much fun in fact, that all day on boxing day she napped. She napped so much, I was momentarily concerned for her well being.

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