Friday, January 3

2013: A Year in Outfits

Last year I started the tradition of a yearly outfit recap. I absolutely love seeing a years worth of evolution combined in one pick.This is the year I was a red head for a month! I completely forgot! Haha. It's also almost unbelievable to me the difference that taking pictures outside in our new backyard makes. My outfit pictures from August to November are some of my all time favorites.

You can find last years recap here.

Things I learned from doing this recap:

1. Last year all of my pictures were of me looking away from the camera and this year I started looking at my camera more.

2. Shooting outside gives a little perspective as to the seasons, and provides more contextual interest. For example, I absolutely love my November outfit because of the scattering of snow and the bare trees, and I equally love the lush green backdrop in the August post, even though they're in the same location they feel different. This is a pretty stark contrast to the posts I did for over a year in my living room! Haha!

3. More than just the locations changed this year. This is also the year I took control of my photography and learned how to use my cameras manual settings. For more on the difference between shooting auto and manual check out the side by side comparison I did here. That was a real revelation for me. Since July I've been trying to take outfit photos outside, colour balancing for each set of photos I take, and doing test shots for lighting! I've also been making an effort to take my photos about an hour before sunset during 'golden hour' (August through October are all golden hour photos).

In 2014 I want to make smarter shopping choices, continue building my photography skills, make a space inside for deep winter outfit shots, and take lots and lots of outfit shots outside. It's my big resolution this year to spend more time outdoors and I just need to remember to take my camera with me!

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