Thursday, October 31

Plaid and Polka Dots

Man, has the landscape ever changed since I took these outfit photos! Haha. Our first snow hit Edmonton over the last weekend and I would be hard pressed to find this much green now.

I was attempting to dress down this pretty Anthropologie dress with a plaid shirt and some boots/boot socks. I love the contrast between the deep navy blue and the orange/red. Plus? Polka dots and plaid and a skirt that goes swish! All good things.

Life is about to change again as we are preparing to bring home a puppy this weekend! Not 100% sure if all will go as planned, since we were originally hoping to bring a puppy home this December. What can you do though, when a perfect seeming opportunity shows up a bit early? I keep thinking: if not now, when? We always talk about things we want to do in life but getting out and doing them can be a challenge.

I'll of course keep the world updated on how it goes, but we may be bringing home a little King Charles Spaniel/Border Collie pup this weekend. Send your calm happy thoughts to poor Tommy who has no idea what he's in for. ;)

Anthropologie Dress, Express boots, thrifted plaid shirt, ASOS socks

BTW, Happy Halloween to those that celebrate! At the point of writing (Uhh, wednesday...) I don't have a costume planned, but I am planning on doing some decorating on our front step and handing out candy! We're having a couple people over to watch scary movies and I've planned a delicious dinner and a fun Halloween cocktail!! I'm more than a little excited to see how that turns out. ;)

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