Thursday, October 10

Fall Pastels

Here's another outfit from my style trails, AKA, rip everything out of the closet and throw it on to see what I like best. I swear, ever since we moved into the new house I've been magically able to keep it clean, but trust a fashion conundrum to make it look like a tornado passed through.

This outfit was meant to mimic the bridal look, 'cause I thought that would be cute for our engagement session. I pulled the two most romantic items out of my closet and they both happened to be ruffly. I also tried for five minutes to tie a stupid bow in this leather ribbon belt I purchased from Etsy seller ManoBello. Of course, on the day, my mum was there and she tied a gorgeous bow in five seconds flat. Mothers.

Speaking of the house, more updates have been completed! I'm talking beautiful new lighting throughout and some brand new open shelving in the kitchen. We're soooo close to being done it's kinda nuts. I'm more than a little excited to share a full house tour once it's complete!

Shoes Express from The Bay, socks and skirt ASOS, belt ManoBello from Etsy, jumper American Eagle.

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