Friday, September 20

Stay Warm


This is what my weeknights have looked like the last couple of days. Curling up with a book (I'm reading everything I can get my hands on about puppy rearing right now. I seriously can't get enough of it), having a mug of hot tea in my hands, painting my nails -- all those lazy things that make colder evenings cozy ones.

Yesterday morning it was minus one degree Celsius!

We ran some errands after work and then returned home to the sofa. One fun thing, we purchased cat nip oil bubbles. Like what? Seriously? These things exist? Tommy wasn't sure about them, but it was pretty hilarious. He seemed to be saying "why are my toys disappearing? How do I play with something that disappears when I touch it?" However, once I put the bubbles away he proceeded to roll and rub all over the carpet and stayed high on cat nip for about twenty minutes after. I'll share a video soon.

I tried to take some outfit pics last night before aforementioned errand running, but I only managed to take one picture before my battery died. Haha, poor planning. 

Tonight we're going to eat our hearts out at What The Truck, and then scare our brains out at Insidious 2. This weekend we're going to have some fun with friends and their puppies at the dog park, take in a fundraiser for Global Visions film festival, I'm going to a bridal show with my sister, and then Nicks band is performing on Sunday!

If you want to catch The Young Progression live, they're playing at The Pawnshop on Whyte ave (Sunday the 22nd). It's a fundraiser for Rock for Dimes, and tickets are $10. Doors open at 6 and they go on around 8.

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