Wednesday, September 18

Right Now (8)

Well I've been a bad blogger and haven't taken out my DSLR for a couple weeks. No reason really, just been enjoying time at home watching TV with Nick, and participating in his parent's move. Moving is always sucky. We already know that pretty well. Between those two things, we haven't gotten out much (other than a seriously awesome pub crawl that ended up taking place entirely in one pub).
One thing, I'm making progress in the bedroom! I managed to convince Nick his ugly bookcase would fit fine in his den (a triumph!) so no more bookcase in the bedroom. I also taped off our new feature wall! I have the paint, I just need to purchase a roller, tray and paintbrush. I can probably get the whole thing painted in one evening after work since it's just three quarters of a wall... I'm just hoping my tape line is straight. I measured it out so it's nine inches from the ceiling at all points, but I still can't help but feel as though it's crooked...

Right now we have our dresser under the window so Tommy can see out, but I don't like it there very much. Next steps will be purchasing a shelf for under the window and a new, wider dresser that I can put across from the bed. I think the old dresser will go in my den to hold art and craft supplies. Originally I planned to put all of that in the closet, but the closet is so deep it's perfect for storing bigger things we have no other room for. Like Sammy the Christmas Seal.

Oh, and we also have to mount the beautiful bedside lights I purchased long and ever ago!

In other news, fall kinda showed up. This morning when I left my house it was 3 degrees Celsius and I could see my breath in front of me. Not that I'm complaining. Yet. As long as the leaves stay on the trees for two more weeks...
Lastly, I made pierogies for dinner with sausage, corn, caramelized red onion and fresh parsley. It was delicious. I also used BBQ sauce to flavor the pierogies and a scoop of ricotta since I didn't have sour cream. Never going back to the traditional way. Serious, try it.

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