Thursday, August 22

Silk and Denim

Guess what guys? Yesterday my new camera remote arrived in the mail (yep, I'm on my third one). Of course I celebrated by immediately running into the backyard (we have a backyard now!) to take outfit pics. Proper outfit pics. Where I'm in focus and everything.

It was about eight PM by then and had hit what photographers call the "golden hour". Well, perhaps just a little bit past true golden hour. I had about ten minutes to take some pics before the sun set. I got bitten by mosquitoes, I stepped on some spiky weeds, and I loved it.

I wore my JCrew cargo silk blouse (from this review), and a denim skirt my mother bought me last summer as a gift. I absolutely love the colour of this blouse, especially for summer.  Of course the only shoes worth wearing in the grass are my awesome Birkenstocks (from Modcloth).

You might also notice I had my hair coloured! My stylist Katy has begun the process of lightening my hair to bring it back to a more natural (for me) colour. She did my roots, and added highlights. The plan for the wedding is to have it back to natural, but with the addition of some sunkissed highlights. That's the plan anyway.

So glad to have a camera remote again. I need to start recreating some of the awesome outfits I've been unable to get good shots of! Expect many more outfit shoots to come before winter claims my new outdoor photo taking space. I'm pretty excited to have a 'studio' room in the new house I think will make for pretty decent outfit pics come winter.

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