Friday, August 30



This is the kind of outfit I'm gravitating towards lately. Slouchy, comfortable shirts, menswear inspired, effortless shoes and bags. Just being comfortable. Braiding my hair. I've been doing that a lot. I'm in the market for a new bag and thinking about this brown one. Also in the market for new Chelsea boots. I took a gamble on my last pair, falling in love with them at H&M, not buying them because I figured who buys shoes from H&M? and then returning for them only to find they were the last pair, and magically on sale. They lasted a couple of years, not bad for shoes I paid less then twenty dollars for. Now that I know how much I love wearing this comfortable and versatile style, I'm thinking of investing in this pair of Dr. Martens. We'll see.

Any plans for the long weekend friends? We're hoping for excellent weather to accommodate a last chance trip to the river, and a backyard BBQ.

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