Friday, August 23

Kitchen (Mid Way) Before and After

The room in our house I most enjoy is probably the kitchen.

Perhaps I shouldn't say enjoy... I enjoy many of the rooms. The kitchen is the one I find the most transformed.

When we walked through the house initially it was also the room I felt would require the most work. A new backsplash, painting all the cabinets, new cabinet hardware, etc. Even with lots of light streaming in the big window over the sink, it felt dark and dingy. It needed some major sprucing.

Here's a list of things we did:
  • Purchased a new stove. My parents went to the restore to look at cabinets, spent $120, and came back with a glass top convection oven in perfect working condition. This was the major miracle of the whole renovation, since I wasn't 100% comfortable cooking with the really old oven, and was dreaming of a new one, but probably wouldn't have been able to work it into our budget.
  • Painted all of the upper cabinets white, and the lowers grey.
  • Changed all of the brass hardware to silver.
  • Painted all the walls. 
  • Purchased and installed a new roller blind on the window. 
  • Changed out the damaged screen in the window. 
  • Installed a new subway tile backsplash to the ceiling on the wall above the sink. We also chose a light grey grout and I cannot stop waxing poetic about how the grout looks with the tile, it really ties our colours together.
  • We used a stainless steel counter paint to spruce up the dirty white countertop (a short term solution only).
  • We added two new cabinets to the back wall where there was previously a nook for a breakfast table. We really needed the storage space, and we used this DIY as inspiration so we can pull up some stools still for the occasional breakfast.
  • Painted a feature wall. 
  • And painted the pantry doors in chalkboard paint (which we love).

I love how bright, modern and clean this room is now. And the backsplash is super elegant. Tiling it to the ceiling is easily the best decision we made!

As a note, the we I'm referring to is my mother and I. Haha, Nick doesn't really have a lot of opinions in regards to home decor.

Things we still have to do:
  • Switch out light fixtures (nipple lights. Nope.) 
  • Add a facing to the counter (you can see in the first pic that its raw wood). 
  • (Long term) purchase a new counter top. 
  • Add open shelving to back wall (the one we painted mustard)
  • Stain new counter on back wall. 

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