Wednesday, July 17

Seattle Center Vacation Pics

Poor Nick did a lot of waiting around outside of things while I took pictures. ;p
 I have one last round of vacation pics to share! Midweek while we were in Seattle (Wednesday I believe...) we headed to Seattle Center to take in some of their biggest tourist traps attractions.

There we enjoyed the Experience Music Project, Science Fiction Hall of Fame, the Space Needle (which I kept calling the sky needle much to Nicks chagrin), and the Pacific Science Center. 

We also did a little thing called get engaged. Haha. 

We were super lucky to be there during a temporary fantasy exhibit complete with iron throne. Photo prop extraordinaire. Our little GOT loving hearts were close to bursting (and that's before I saw the legendary chakram...) 
The first highlight at the Pacific Science Center was the lovely butterfly garden! Butterflies butterflies! I, of course, spent the entire time distracting myself from the fact I was about to become engaged by trying to get the perfect butterfly pic. 

This next pic is of the really cool sculpture installation in the center of the Pacific Science Centers four buildings. It's really lovely, and probably the best part of the whole place! Nick proposed right before I took this pic and afterwards we were so emotionally exhausted we decided to go back to the hotel and as we were leaving I stopped and insisted on taking one last picture.

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