Tuesday, July 2

Life is Good

Life is good when your cat falls asleep on your chest and you can smell his cat fur scent and his whiskers are itchy on your face.
Life is good when you spend eight hours painting your new home and are so tired when you get back to your apartment that you collapse into bed still covered in dry paint and sleep for 12 hours.
Life is good when you finally finish painting said house and get to see the product of your handiwork (hasn't happened yet, but it's coming along!).
Life is good when you loose two pounds.
Life is good when the sun finally comes out and you get to bake in the heat for awhile after a long hibernation. 
Life is good when your fiance gives you permission to plan your whole wedding as long as he gets to pick the band.

Life is good when your engagement ring is finally ready and you get to see it for the first time!
Happy Tuesday, I hope everyone had a great long weekend and was able to somehow beat the heat. We've been surviving through the awesomeness that is the portable air conditioning unit. Not as awesome as a beach but certainly a welcome addition to our family. ; )

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