Friday, May 17

Happy Friday

Good news! In the  mail yesterday I received a new remote for my camera and I'm already back to taking outfit pics. Other good things happening:

  • The trees are finally starting to blossom, I'm seeing some cherry blossoms and everything! 
  • It's a long weekend.
  • It's supposed to be relatively nice outside despite some rain predicted for tomorrow. 
  • I'm going to Target finally! 
  • I'm also going to see the new Star Trek movie. 
  • Only two weeks till my parents come home from their trip to Italy, I'm missing them a lot! There's so much going on I wanna chat with them about! 
  • It's almost time to start thinking about what to pack for Seattle! 
  • Which always means I get to do a liiiitttle more shopping. (Those polka-dot Keds from yesterdays wishlist post? I found them at The Bay on clearance!)  
So much to be thankful for -- something about the Spring brings out the thankfullness in me!

I hope everyone has a great long weekend. See you Monday. ;) 

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