Wednesday, May 1

Back Again

Well, after two super busy days at work (I worked my first 12 hour shift yesterday and it was brutal! I might have thrown a slight temper tantrum around 5PM so thanks for sticking with me work peeps!) I am back to the blog.

Unfortunately I have given up on taking outfit pictures for now since I lost my camera remote. I don't know how I ever took pics before I got that thing (oh ya, thanks boyfriend)!

Since these crazy mad weeks have left me feeling pretty lazy I'll probably just order a new remote instead of turn the apartment upside down. So while I wait for it to ship to me I'll be posting random instagram pictures and internet recaps. Blah. I can't wait to share some of the lovely new things that have arrived in the mail!

In life news, my parents left today for a month long trip to Italy and I'm super jealous and hoping they have the best time of their lives. My sister graduated from her certificate program at NAIT, so kudos to her, and one of my work friends had a brain tumor removed! So please send your warm fuzzy thoughts to Randy. He's the friend who bought me a signed copy of a Mass Effect novel out of the blue, he's just a great guy who's a very talented artist and thoughtful friend.

In other news, here's a photo of the train station near my house from Monday. 

The weather has been absolutely brutal! Not only was it sleeting and snowing but the wind was so strong I was very nearly blown off my feet walking home from the station. Hello, Global Warming, I am no longer a fan of you (JK, never a fan).
Yesterday started off in much the same way, snow, wind, minus zero temperatures. Luckily mid afternoon the sun came out, all the snow disappeared and despite it still being minus 4 degrees outside I saw a brave little bunny while walking to the train. This little guy made my day. He just walked right up to me like, Hi, spring is coming!

So in short, I'm looking forward to a quiet couple days, a long weekend, and some much desired sunshine.

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