Wednesday, May 22

A Little Neon

I wore this outfit last Friday and felt kinda awesome. There's something so nice about leaving the house without wearing a jacket and feeling the morning breeze through the open weave of your neon coral (is neon coral a thing?) sweater. It's kinda a specific feeling -- but it's a good one.

This outfit is kinda a funny story. I literally sat up one morning like "my neon sweater would look good worn over a plain grey maxi dress". My response to myself was something like, Kaitlyn, you don't own a plain grey maxi dress. Well, once this deficiency in my wardrobe had been pointed out to me I could do nothing but troll ASOS until I found the perfect solution. Thus this dress was mailed to me. Whoever was handling customs was like "DUDE, I just processed an order from this same girl like, two minutes ago, I'm gonna charge her extra customs!" and in the end the dress cost way too much. Like way more then I was planning to spend on this outfit. That being said, I do love it.

You may have noticed, since I failed in the hide the remote challenge this day, my new camera remote arrived in the mail. Yay! You will be happy, I'm sure, to find that this blog is back to it's regularly scheduled outfit posts mixed in with the cat picks and shopping anecdotes. 

Neon sweater GAP, Maxi dress ASOS, Express boots

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