Thursday, March 21

My Go To Braid

I wore this outfit last weekend for running a few errands, hitting our favorite pub for a drink, and hanging out at home!

Lately when my hair doesn't cooperate I've been braiding it into different configurations and right now I'm trying to perfect my reverse braid halo. Haha, braiding backwards and upside down is not as easy as one might think! Luckily youtube exists for when I need some braid technique training. After I finish the halo part of the braid I complete it with a fishtail which tends to hold my hair tighter so it doesn't get all fuzzy. This was my first try but since then I've done it twice more and I think I'm getting better at it. ;)

It's blizzarding in YEG right now but I'm still thinking spring. In the meantime we're planning on sitting tight and doing house work. I've been baking a lot lately and trying new recipes as well as getting caught up on the mountains of laundry! My Sister's 21st birthday is this weekend and I'm going in for a hair cut and color (finally)!

Today is my Friday since I have tomorrow off, haha, so I'm tempted to wish you all a happy weekend! In any case have a good one! ;)

Dynamite striped T, ASOS boyfriend jeans, gifted necklace, Gap belt.

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