Wednesday, March 6

How Horrific!

Nicks a pretty big nerd and one of the things he turned me onto when we got together was board games! My family had always played one or two games (Rummy Cubes is the official game of the Petry's thanks to my late Grandparents major skillz) but Nick's board game consumption makes my family's look pretty banal.

I took these pics a couple days after receiving my new camera in the mail. I was pretty much cool to photograph anything and it just so happened this is what we were doing SO here are a bunch of pictures of our new favorite board game "Betrayal at House on The Hill". Yes, the name is a little cheesy, but the game is all manners of fun and different every single time you play!

Caitlin, Nicks little sister, was hanging out with us! She's a real trouper and we loved having her play!

The idea of the game is that you're one of several adventurers exploring a haunted mansion. Each turn you reveal a tile with a room on it and occasionally there will be a dramatic event associated with it, or you will also uncover an enchanted item. As you explore you bring the team closer and closer to 'The Haunt' which happens when you fail a dice roll, and which causes one of the players to become a betrayer. The method of betrayal is decided according to what room you are in when you fail the haunt roll, and there are endless combinations (which is what makes the game so different with each play through!). On this occasion I became the unfortunate betrayer when I was bitten and turned into a werewolf. I then preceded to obliterate all my friends. It was very satisfying.  I won't give any other twists away, but suffice to say we play it frequently and have never come upon the same twist twice.

 Have fun playing board games! ;)

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