Monday, March 18

Cashmere for Spring

Spring in Canada is a battle of the seasons. Winter fights summer for supremacy and they each get their knocks in turn. Even though I'm thinking spring thoughts full of bunny rabbits, baby wildlife and cherry blossoms every once in a while winter lands a round house in summers face and it suddenly looks like December 3rd outside.

Despite the weather a girl still has to hope summers going to win the battle (I feel like it's possible winter will win out and stay for 365 days) and so she wears bright pink lipstick and flirty floral skirts. Don't take this outfit at face value: the tights are lined with fleece and the light sweater is made of breathable yet warm cashmere. 

Weather, you won't get the best of me.

(Anyone not in Edmonton right now, yes, it's been snowing for four straight days, give us all your pity).

I hope everyone enjoyed their St. Patricks day weekend! We checked out the Mercer Warehouse downtown and took in a great little craft show. I also tried (and instagramed of course) a maple bacon latte at Roast.


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Thrifted skirt, Macy's Cashmere Sweater, H&M belt and booties, gifted necklace (metalsmiths), fleece tights from EBAY

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