Friday, February 1

The Perfect Sweater

 So by now you're well aware I have an unfortunate sweater addiction. Well this particular purchase was an unexpected one, but has helped bring my sweater collecting to a stop as there isn't much you can do to top it. It's the perfect sweater. I picked it up completely accidentally at Aritzia during a holiday sale. It's got the perfect amount of slouch, goes with everything, can be layered over anything, and makes me somehow both glamorous, effortless, and cozy.

Very cozy.

Of course the second day I wore it I managed to get a bit of sauce on it while snacking on a vermicelli bowl at local treasure Lans Asian Grill. I don't regret a second (except of course that millisecond where the noodle flicked upwards spraying its saucy red sauce on my perfect sweater). What can I say? White is dangerous. Thankfully I have a tide to go pen in my makeup kit (would have been handier in my purse admittedly) so I was able to fix it when I got home.

In other exciting news, the power went out on Wednesday and we spend a few hours in the dark! Luckily we have one working flashlight and several candles. For years Nick has been buying me candle for Valentines day and other occasions but I never burn candles (excepting the time I was stressed out and elbow deep in a turkey carcass and close to ralphing on it. I set up a woodwick candle right in front of my face and listened to it crackle, and smelled its vanilla scent to get my mind off said turkey smells.) so I burned a few of my scented candles for the first time. Power outages are always a little scary at first and then kinda romantic. Is that just me?

Sweater Aritzia, earrings The Bay, camisole Smart Set, skirt Rickies, leggings Joe Fresh, booties H&M

Happy weekend my darlings!

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