Friday, February 8

Spring in the Air

SO I broke down and spent some money.

Being on a shopping ban is occasionally too much for me to handle. I can only go so long. My current justification is that I should allow myself one outfit per month. WELL this is my outfit for February (with a few embellishments of course)! 

Spring in the Air

I purchased these boyfriend jeans I've been eying for many months, these adorable (and comfortable looking heels), and this super cute striped shirt all from ASOS. I kind of like the idea of shopping in outfits! I think it will help everything integrate themselves into my wardrobe more smoothly.Also, I'm excited about these heels! They look low and easy to walk in, so hopefully they fit alright. I have only a couple of heels in my shoe collection at the moment.

Of course I didn't splurge on a guess handbag or anything, but I'm digging the way the peach color works with the black and white. It's kinda the perfect combination for our chilly Canadian spring, no?

Speaking of spring, it's been a balmy -5 degrees all week and I've been loving it. We've ventured downtown a couple of times and taken the train and I've been getting a lot of use out of the beautiful pea-coat Nick bought me for Christmas. Here's hoping the thaw will continue (it's probably just luring me into a false sense of security).

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