Friday, February 22

Nautical Spring

I can't wait to show you guys my new hair color! Too bad I have so many outfit posts planned I barely need to take photos ever again, haha. I shared a sneak peak of the hair color here, but it doesn't really compare to the full image.

I wore this outfit last week (with added sweaters, not pictured) and felt great. I've only worn this dress once or twice before since, you know, winter happened, but it's amazingly comfortable and I think adorable. I can't wait 'till summer shows up so I can really wear this dress to death!

I don't wear head scarves very often, but lately I'm loving the way light blue makes my eyes pop and I don't have much to choose from in my wardrobe at the moment.

Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? It seems like these days Nick's always got something going on, he's in a band once again (he's a bass player) which is great, but he's also in two different role playing games. All in all I love that he's getting out with friends and doing things he loves... but weekend time together is always precious to me and I hate that we have to miss out on awesome things like family birthday parties and what promises to be a super fun Oscar party hosted by the Varscona.

Oh well, I just need more girl friends!

Have a lovely weekend my friends.

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