Wednesday, February 20

Mostly Bare Legs Means Spring

Back from the long weekend and happy to say I have lots to share in the next two weeks. I hope all you folks who got to take Family Day off on Monday had a great time. We celebrated our blended family on Saturday by taking my parents and Nicks dad and sister downtown to check out some delicious food, adorable shops, the farmers market and art gallery. My Dad actually wrote about our day here on his blog! I have some pictures to share as well, although not as pretty as his which were taken with an awesome fish eye lens! I want one!

Although the past couple of days the weather has been chilly, the weekend previous I managed to survive outdoors with mostly bare legs. Yes, it's true. I'm pretty amazed myself. I took a walk around a local man made lake with my Pop and yes, my knees got pretty cold. So cold in fact that it took them about an hour with a blanket and a kitty sitting on them to make them warm again. Despite this, I have no regrets. My legs felt liberated.

This is the last sweater to arrive from my two week sweater buying binge. The weight and material are amazing, it's super cozy. AND, as luck would have it, it looks pretty awesome tucked into a neutral skirt (oxblood is neutral now right?). I added the tribal belt to bring in a little red to go with my rubber boots. I'm not convinced that oxblood and red go together... but I don't hate it! ;)

SheInside Sweater, Ricki's Skirt, ASOS belt, boots from Beyong the Rack

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