Monday, February 4

For When It's -30C

I took these lovely (kinda weirdly colored) pictures last Tuesday-- the first day we had of minus 25, minus 40 with wind chill. It was brutal and I happily spent the evening lounging with the man friend and cuddling Tommy in front of the TV. Oh, and making silly videos and editing photos.

I recently discovered this amazing blog with tutorials for editing photos in Photoshop Elements. Well I don't have photoshop elements, I use a free software called GIMP to edit all my photos, but many of the tutorials cross over. In the last few days I've discovered how to use levels, and fallen in love with a new way to eliminate under eye circles. Which I have in spades.

The outfit was born of necessity, It's always warm in my office so I layered a breezy lace tunic under one of my new and cozy sweater/cardigans. This really is an excellent cardigan and I can wrap it around in front to keep me warm when I go outside.  The gold accents running through it make me feel fancy and pretty. Good things. I added the wooden moth broach for a little bit of whimsy. No outfit is complete without whimsy!
Cardigan SheInside, tunic Winners (old), Moth Broach Friendly Gesture on Etsy, Hair pin Rickies, Jeggins Simons
Below is another outfit video I made to show you what I call the "Winter Onion Look". Basically I dress in many cozy layers to keep warm. Not nearly as stylish as I led you to believe here, but perfectly insulated.

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