Wednesday, February 27

Family Day 2013

Someone is excited to be on the train. Yay!
For the last three years family day has been really special. Extra special you could say. That's because my future in-laws (is there any other way to describe our relationship despite the fact I'm not engaged? I don't think so. Love those guys.) and my family spend it together. Nicks parents are great people and get along fabulously with my folks (they're alike in a lot of ways!). We usually go downtown to take in the AGA and any other festivities being held for the stat holiday.

This year we didn't celebrate on the Monday, but got together on the Saturday instead! Nick's mum wasn't able to join us because she was back out East taking care of her father (who passed away this last weekend). We were a smaller group, but we were a fun group.

We started at the City Market which is hosted in City Hall during the winter. We bought a pint of gelato, some jerky, snack bars, and jam.
Next, we walked the several blocks from Churchill Square to 104th Street. This is my favorite street downtown; from our favorite pub, to the best olive oil and vinegar tasting bar in the world, everything good about Edmonton's down town is on 104th.

We headed to the delightful Blue Plate Diner for lunch (bison burger, yes) and then I finally got to show off Evoolution to my parents and Nick's dad. As predicted, they loved it. Mum and Dad walked away with a ton of olive oil and vinegar, as well as a few gifts, and Mark (who is a gourmet salt aficionado) bought some salts, spices and vinegars as well.

After Evoo we popped into a few local organic markets, and then headed back to Churchill to take in the AGA. 

The Alberta Art Gallery is a really neat place. The light is awesome, the building is amazing, the art is... well it can be great (Haha, I'm mostly kidding. I studied art in university so don't think I'm down on all art, I'm just not always a fan of their exhibits. We don't exactly attract a lot of fine art masters in Edmonton). AND they're also the home of Zinc restaurant which is amazeballs.

After parting ways with the fam, we then headed back to 104th street to meet friends at Cask and Barrel, our pub. It's great being a regular somewhere, everyone knows our names (well, Nick and BFF Dallas's names. I'm kinda quiet) and the chef (who is also amazeballs -- I had the best steak of my entire life at their New Years Eve bash) comes out to shake Nick's hand.  The decor is cozy, they have Nicks favorite beer on tap (Innis and Gunn), and the food is always divine (you must try the spinach and artichoke dip it's like none I've ever had!). This particular night was part of the illumiNITE festival and we were treated to alcoholic snow cones.

Yes. Please.

In conclusion (Oh, are you still reading? CONGRATS.) it was the best day ever.

The End.

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