Wednesday, February 6

A Few Goals For 2013

I've been told on several occasions that a goal is just a dream until you define a plan of action. As tough as this can sometimes be, I do understand the logic. Some of you may be better planners then I am, although I do a lot of what I call 'planning' I know I'm not a planner. I'm a dreamer.
 I want to do this, to live there, to buy that, to have that kind of wedding and this kind of marriage and an amazing home kind of like my pinterest board. Obviously.

So this year I'm making a very short and refined list of achievable goals instead of resolutions.

Here they are:
  •  Take a photography course
    • I work at a technical institute that has several photography courses. ALSO the internet has a plethora of resources such as  Arrow and Apple's online photography courses. I want to have this done by April.
  • Save money towards buying a house
    • Facing the truth is hard, we're not going to be able to afford a house for quite some time. The only way we'll ever get there is if we start saving. I want to open a new joint savings account and start paying into it monthly. Have this done by the end of February.
  •  Spend less on eating out and shopping
    • In the same vein, we aren't going to be able to save much money if we keep going the same way we have been. For this goal I'm restricting the money I spend on clothes and we'll cut back on eating out by doing more grocery shops and meal planning. I've already put myself on a shopping ban and have successfully stopped myself from purchasing anything over the internet for a full three weeks. That's like... a big deal.
  • Travel
    •  Hard to do on a small budget, but worth the expense. This last year we made a point of going to Cabo and it was definitely worth it. I would like to do some smaller trips to the US this year. Nicks never been to some of my favorite places like Seattle and San Francisco. I'm going to try my best to sock money away in one of my savings accounts and keep my eyes out for seat sales.
  • Get Healthy
    • This is by far the most difficult challenge. Nick and I aren't big on exercising, being active, or dieting. I want to make healthy food choices (a part of the meal planning) and spend an hour a day doing something active. Now, that doesn't mean going to the gym (these are achievable remember) but just going out, walking, dancing, or doing anything that doesn't involve sitting down. 
These are my 'achievable' goals for 2013. So far we're on track I'm happy to say. We've been saving more and I've managed to cook more meals at home as well. We really need to get on that last one, I'm thinking a thirty minute dance party and a thirty minute walk, or throwing in two fifteen minute play sessions with Tommy will help us achieve that goal.

Happy Hump day my friends and remember that making goals isn't just for January.  :)

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