Monday, February 25

A Cat in a Hat

My poor oxblood hat, which I love, is covered in cat hair. This is because I store my hat on the top of my shoe rack and Tommy has taken to climbing up there and sleeping in the dark of the closet making a cozy bed out of hats and mittens. He sleeps in the strangest places. Like shoe racks, computer chairs, computer desks, under the bed and in the bowels of closets. The funniest to me is that he loves sleeping in his cat carrier. It's is favorite makeshift bed.  It's also pretty handy I suppose, if there were a fire drill in the middle of the day I wouldn't have to look for him I would just zip up his carrier and leave. Haha. There's a 70% chance he's already inside it.

Anyway, I put this outfit together last week and I absolutely love it. You'll notice a distractingly white bare leg trend -- this is because I keep insisting it's spring time. I've never tucked this sweater (or any sweater really...) into anything, but it creates a nice, casual silhouette that I'm a fan of. I shall try this more often and with the other sweaters in my collection. ;)

Romwe Sweater, gifted necklace (from metalsmiths), American Eagle hat, Smart Set skirt, Shoe Warehouse boots

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