Wednesday, January 16

New Years Eve

So I'm aware that this is pretty late, being that it's been two weeks already, but I wanted to share my New Years Eve outfit with you! Usually Nick and I spend the night with family and friends enjoying fondue and board games -- but this year we wanted to switch things up a bit. We ended up purchasing tickets, along with a couple friends, to a sit down dinner and dance at one of our favorite pubs -- Cask and Barrel.

Cask and Barrel stands out in Edmonton as one of few pubs to have Nicks favorite beer, Innis and Gunn, on tap. Also worth mentioning, the food is always divine. Our main course on New Years was the most amazing cut of beef I have ever had. Delicious delicious delicious.

I wore this polka dot H&M dress and tights with a new gold circlet necklace and gold nails.
Nick bought be the necklace for Christmas!

The nails were a fun project for New Years, I used Sally Hansons nail stickers which I had never used before. They're kinda frustrating to apply but I literally just took the polish off this weekend which means it lasted for the advertised ten days and beyond. PLUS they were beyond sparkly. Like having disco balls at the end of my fingers! Not an effect one could easily produce with regular nail polish.

The coat is Canadian clothing brand Pink Martini and Nick bought it for me for Christmas from Simon's! I'm crazy in love with it -- It makes me feel like quite the classy lady compared to my parka!

Anyway, we had a great meal followed by an entertaining dance period filled with awesome retro music and just when I was beginning to feel as though I could not under any circumstances remain in the crowded pub for a moment longer, we took a brisk walk to Churchill Square to see the fireworks.

I thought it was very romantic, Nick thought it was "OK". Guys are so hard to impress with fireworks, it's like they've been desensitized to explosions from too many action movies.One thing we can agree on, we had a great time. ;)

How did you celebrate New Years Eve 2013?

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