Monday, January 21

Field Trip

I really loved this outfit. I found this adorable herringbone jumper at Simons a couple weekends ago and picked it up in a hurry. I had been looking for a dress like this with the express purpose of wearing it over this chambray top! The perfect fall/winter layering, I can't wait to wear it over every other collared shirt in my wardrobe. I bet it would also go under a cropped sweater like this one.

Funny story. While I was in the middle of taking these pictures there was a fire alarm in our building! Little did I know that it was a schedule test of the system. Flustered, I packed Tommy into his cat carrier, threw on my parka, and shirked off the red cutout flats I had been wearing in favor of my winter boots. Tommy and I went outside only to discover that no one else was exiting the building! I also noticed the outside alarm lights weren't flashing. Thinking I might have been duped, I walked over to the main entrance to check the notice board and sure enough, annual fire alarm inspection Thursday and Friday. So inside I go sheepishly only to discover that I have no idea where I deposited my shoes! I seriously couldn't find them! SO I put on these fuschia loafers instead and had to retake all my full body shots.

Tommy was a doll the whole time, not crying even once despite the load alarms. Actually, he seemed to enjoy the experience and EVER SINCE he has been taking his daily naps like this. That's my silly, field trip loving kitty.

Jumper from Simons, Rickies necklace, GAP spotted chambray and loafers

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