Friday, January 4

Christmas Dress

I picked out this dress on sale a couple weeks ago with the intention of wearing it at Christmas! I mean, how perfect is this dress? I was practically blending in with the candy canes. I added a green tassel tie from another dress for festive-ness and the scarf I was wearing because.. well... it was a gift and I was excited to put it on! haha.

I love the way this dress has stripes running in two directions, I found it very flattering and I felt super skinny in it. Exactly how you want to feel on Christmas when you're busy stuffing yourself with favorite homemade treats and those melt in your mouth chocolates. 

Christmas this year was super busy and by the time these photos were taken (Boxing Day) we were ready to settle down with our kitty and watch some movies! It's so great to see family and friends over the holidays but when families start expanding with boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and babies things get kinda stressful! Nick and I kept looking at eachother and saying "What's gonna happen when we have kids?" No idea. Maybe we'll start celebrating Christmas in Italy, or maybe July. ;)

Scarf, tights and socks were Christmas gifts, GAP dress, Dorothy Perkins belt (from another dress).

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  1. Eep so cute! I really love how you paired it with that mint belt - beautiful!


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