Wednesday, June 5

Two Pieces I Always Put Together

I gotta tell ya, this is my favourite jumpsuit right now. It's not the most flattering. It's not the best looking on me. But it is hella comfy and so, so easy to throw on and wear all day. It's linen, which is my jam. A beautiful olive green. And has a button placket as well as a hidden zip fly -- making it one of the easiest jumpsuits I own to both nurse, and go to the bathroom. ;) Something about the shoulder/sleeves/waste line gives it an eighties mom sorta vibe and I love it. Easy to layer with a sweater/vest/jacket -- this is the jumpsuit with everything. Except pockets. There's always something. Even so, I've been living in this jumpsuit for the last couple of postpartum months.

Let me also talk to you about the vest I'm wearing in these pics. You may find me wearing it in...every outfit post this summer. Not only does it layer with everything flawlessly, it has the most giant pockets on the inside. I'm talkin, two exterior angled pockets and two ginormous straight pockets on the inside. When wearing an outfit with no pockets, it's my go to. I don't even wear a purse most of the time these days (I already have to lug a diaper bag). Instead, I wear this vest. I put my wallet in one pocket and my cell phone in another. The other night we went out for dinner and I had a pill bottle full of antacids in one (HELLO THIRTIES AMIRITE).

What's your go to uniform these days?

Old Navy jumpsuit, J Crew vest (a few years old), Everlane rain boots, 100% human pin Everlane

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