Tuesday, June 18

The LBJ (Little Black Jumpsuit) by Gus Sloan

The last few months I've been trying to tame my shopping habits and focus on shopping ethical, sustainable and -- where possible -- local designers. It's tough! Not only is there a lack of transparency (even from fav 'radically transparent' Everlane sadly), but the cost is pretty astronomical compared to shopping fast fashion. When you're used to spending $10 on a T-shirt, shelling out $50 USD for an ethically made one is an exercise in matter over mind!

That's why this special edition LBJ by Gus Sloan appealed to me. The company is very local, as in, I drove to the owners home to have her hem the leg when it was slightly too long local. It's also run by a kick-ass lady who is striving to be transparent, ethical and sustainable. I knew right away, this is a business I want to support! My only hesitation was colour. All of the jumpsuits in the permanent collection are plain black. I'm not a plain black jumpsuit kinda gal! When I saw this beautiful floral fabric I knew I had found the LBJ for me. The hardest part -- not purchasing all of the special edition jumpsuits as they're released.

There are a few special things about this particular jumpsuit.

The neckline is finished with an elastic making it super easy to slip in and out of, and keeping the boobs happily contained with no bra showing ever! It also makes nursing a breeze. 

Pockets. Enough said.

And of course, the beautiful, light and drapey fabric. I have had multiple people mistake the flowers for embroidery. It's really special! I also love how they cut and pieced my jumpsuit in particular. The flowers on the bust line up perfectly and curl upwards in a way I think frames my face. Totally different from the sample, and individual to my jumpsuit since they cut each one a little different to reduce fabric waste. 

I can really see the attention to detail in this piece.

I ordered a size large, I do wish I had opted for the customization option and sized down in the top as the top is a little loose on me. Luckily, that amazing elastic neckline keeps everything contained and I don't feel like the sizing is an issue.

I'm looking forward to wearing this with different layering and outerwear pieces. I've already styled it with a green, drapey vest and my denim vest.

Short story: if you're looking for the perfect LBJ, Gus Sloan might have just the one for you.
Outfit details: Special edition LBJ from Gus Sloan. Slide shoes from Everlane.

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