Saturday, May 25

The Ad Jumpsuit by Avy and Co

 I was dying over this linen jumpsuit by Avy and Co the entire time I was pregnant. Its one size fits all, roomy design is perfect for accommodating a baby bump. I didn't pull the trigger till after baby, but it turns out the Ad jumpsuit is just as comfortable postpartum.

Somewhat hilariously, all of the outfit photos I've done so far in 2019 for the blog are of jumpsuits! Turns out, I'm a tad obsessed. You can tease me about my jumpsuit love, but the fact remains it's the perfect uniform for a new mama! One and done, grab and go! While baby is taking her morning nap I can pull a jumpsuit on and feel cool and collected when the mailman turns up.

I look for a couple things in a jumpsuit: nursing friendliness, colour, material and versatility.

For nursing, I look for jumpsuits that have a cross wrapped bodice (like this one) or buttons.

I've recently created a colour palette for my wardrobe that is helping me size down what I have, and be more particular about what I buy.

I've made a resolution for 2019 not to buy any more polyester. Natural fabrics only for this mama! Of course the Avy and Co jumpsuits are beautiful linen. I have a major linen love, but a few others I own are linen/cotton blends, cotton and modal.

Jumpsuits that are sleeveless are great for layering a shirt underneath, which I think makes them extra versatile. When styling jumpsuits with sleeves I tend to look at how the colour mixes into my wardrobe (getting easier now that I have a palette) and how easy it is to wear by itself! If I can style something up with jewelry and a high shoe, or style it down with a denim vest and some converse -- it gets mad versatility points. I prefer jumpsuits with pockets so that I don't need a second bag when I take baby out (I don't like putting my phone in the diaper bag).

Here I'm pairing the Ad jumpsuit with an olive green Tahari vest made of tencel. I think it helps to break up the all white, and make the jumpsuit feel a little more casual.

A couple things to note about this jumpsuit is that it is pretty sheer, and it doesn't have pockets. It also has a bit of a dropped crotch, harem pant look. It's not as wearable as I had hoped! I'm actually wishing I had waited a few months as the newly released Iris jumpsuit is more of a natural colour, and has those coveted pockets as well as buttons (which I like better for nursing). That said, it is a truly beautiful piece and if you're into linen like I am and you want to try out a gorgeously made jumpsuit -- head over to Avy and Co.

Addendum to say these pictures were taken before all my hair fell out from postpartum hair loss and it's making me miss my pregnancy hair! If you have recommendations for dealing with postpartum hair loss tell me in the comments. XD

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