Tuesday, May 28

Nursery Tour May 2019

I love the way our nursery turned out. You may recall I shared pictures of this room last year when it was set up as my hobby/writing room. I LOVED having a hobby space, haha, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I became obsessive about clearing out the room and making room for baby. We purchased a roll top desk for our bedroom which is now my writing desk. I'm sure I'll share our bedroom updates at some point as well!

In the nursery, the biggest task was simply cleaning out the room. The dresser, which is now our dresser/change station, had been used for storage. The closet had been used for storage. To clean it out meant major downsizing and reorganizing. Once we had a blank slate I considered what I wanted to change. I painted the closet doors with beautiful Annie Sloan chalk paint in dark, rich green (Amsterdam Green), and a gifted side table was painted to match. That was the only painting I had to do! We added a gold curtain rod and I ordered white black-out panels from Bed Bath and Beyond that my crafty mum trimmed with blush pom-poms.

The crib and shelving in the room are all from Ikea. We went with natural wood wherever possible. The tall white metal shelf I already had, and the wall shelf I purchased with that in mind. I loved this wall shelf with it's built in hanging bar (it's marketed as a hat rack). It's very handy as an extra drying spot for wet stuff, or to hang outfits. The shelf is almost at the ceiling so that anything hanging doesn't get in the way while we're using the changing station.

The rocking chair was thrifted and my mother covered the old velvet fabric with a wonderful natural canvas that can be removed and washed. She really is amazing!

The single best addition to the room once we started to use it was the log stool. It's the perfect second seat for occasional nursery visitors, and it holds lots of toys. 

I've taken lots of pictures of this room along the way, so I definitely intend to share how it's changed and evolved over time. 

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