Thursday, January 24

Thoughts at 40 Weeks

You guys, the time has been flying for months and now that I'm past due with this nugget it's slowed to an abject crawl.

Pregnancy has been a hoot, but I'm about ready to get to the next phase of life as a family of three (plus Lola and Tommy of course). When Nick and I started on this journey in May of last year, I couldn't have imagined what pregnancy held for me or where exactly it would take us. Now that baby has been served the official eviction notice I've had some time to reflect on the experience.

Although all day nausea for about six or seven months off and on has me questioning whether I'll want to do this growing a human thing again, the experience has been overwhelmingly positive thanks to the amazing support I've gotten from almost everyone in my life. I am truly a lucky lady and I'm so grateful to my extended support network.

Best husband award goes to Nick, who has stepped up his game around the house, brought me countless McDonalds cheeseburgers at all different hours of the day, and never once complained about ... anything (other than my wishy-washy flip-flopping on baby names).

Most amazing parents awards go to my mum and dad who have been there at every turn with advice, food, and elbow grease when I need shelves put up or my freezer stocked. These guys are absolutely golden!

Nicks parents are truly fantastic in-laws who jumped at stroller/car seat purchasing duty and have also done an amazing job stocking our freezer, bookshelves, and babies closet.

It's so much fun to prepare for baby when your family is as excited as ours have been to welcome her.

Huge huge props go to my super supportive work. My career has been on a bumpy ride in the last three years after I was laid off from my job of five years. I went back to school, graduated on the dean's list and got fired from my first job out of the gate before landing my current gig. After losing that second job I went through a season of self-doubt and depression. It was tough! I was going through health issues. I lost a lot of the things that I had been using to give my life meaning. Not to mention, I hadn't saved any money. I turned inwards for a while. I made some changes. I built up my relationship with my husband.

When I got hired at this new company, it was for a part-time, evenings and weekends position. I didn't care, I was thrilled to have gotten anything! The company turned out to be amazing for me. I transitioned into full time after just a month. I got a desk in the office! I made friends! Moreso, when I got pregnant just six months into the job I discovered that I had ended up in the perfect place. I was so nervous, but my work has been incredibly accommodating every step of the way. I could not have ended up in a better place for this season of life than a company owned and run by women and mothers. For the first time after working in male-dominated environments my entire career, I have supportive women all around me (and the guys there are great too). Honestly, this has been a revelation. I'm so grateful. Not only have my supervisors in this position supported and accommodated my pregnancy, but I have been encouraged to grow and excel in my role. My work has been appreciated and it has healed my heart a little after going through a period where I was not set up to succeed. Leaving work for my maternity leave was probably the hardest thing I've done as a mom so far.

Staying on top of my skills and the industry (I'm in social media so ... it changes fast) is gonna be tough. If there's one thing I've learned in the last three years, it's that you can't get comfortable in life. You get comfortable, you make too many plans, you decide you've learned all there is to learn -- well, you're probably due for a shakeup. So get comfortable with change. That's all you can count on!

Adding a new life to the mix is definitely going to be a big change. We're nervous. We're excited. We're terrified -- but we're also calm in our hearts, knowing we can tackle anything together.

Nick and I are super excited to be welcoming our daughter (whoa) soon. Any day. I mean today would be swell. My calendar is clear. Come on little nugget.

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