Tuesday, February 20

Thoroughly Thrifty

Thrifted: Jeans, Calvin Klien; sweater, Ralph Lauren; blazer, Ports International
Boots: Doc Martens
It's been awhile since I wandered through these parts with an outfit post. I guess part of that is I haven't been doing much shopping for clothes lately and thus, am less excited about dressing. I do have a lot to show you though, I promise, there's a back-log. This outfit is a bit of an exception to my not buying clothes -- I didn't even realize till I put on the blazer, but this outfit is totally thrifted. Other than my boots,  everything came from a recent trip to Value Village (it was a good trip).

When I do the thrift thing, I tend to get overwhelmed. To help, I make my way down the aisle checking nothing but the tag. I don't look at shape, colour -- anything. I only look at the tag (and I start in the right size obviously). I'm looking for two things: brand recognition and materials. Often if you're looking for cashmere, for example, it will be right on the label. Brand recognition might sound snobby, but I'm looking for quality and longevity. Brands like Ralph Lauren are dependable because they're not fast fashion, the styles and materials are designed to be timeless. A good example is this blazer I found. The brand isn't one I recognized but my mum used to work at Woodwards ages ago and she remembered the brand as being an expensive one carried at her store. It's a classic fabric, a flattering oversized fit which is on trend, and it fit me perfectly (buttons do up, hangs oversized and boxy as intended).

What are your thrifting tips? Tell me in the comments!
There's so much dog hair on my jeans OMG.  

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