Wednesday, January 24

Room Tour: Hobby Room

Tommy makes a cameo. It's a no pets room, so he loves sneaking in. 

In our house we have this middle room, it's a little small but it has a big window and great-all-day light. Over the years, it's been a junk room, a guest room, and now -- a hobby room. It all started this fall when we purchased some new living room furniture and found ourselves needing a new home for this mustard yellow chair and our old coffee table (the green trunk in the picture above). I'd been using the room for a long time as storage for *my stuff* since my husband and I share our computer office. We display a lot of nerdy stuff in there but I have things like... this giant picture of a cat on a skateboard that Nick refuses to acknowledge.

Since I've been home a lot more in the last few years (unemployed, student, now working from home) I decided to make the room a place for all of my creative hobbies to come together, hoping to foster productivity and creativity. It's only too bad I can't do digital art in this room!

A favourite candle, a plant that's magically stayed alive for six years, our record player, and a vintage jug I use to water the plants. 
I use the space as a bit of a gallery, a place to display all of my weavings and paintings. I have storage for art supplies and all of my more technical books such as textbooks. I also keep all of my plants in this room, so Tommy won't eat them! 

I made this poster for our wedding (the quote is from The Return of The King). 
Some vintage owls that belonged to my grandparents. 

A weaving in progress. 
The gallery wall (I have some character inspiration tacked up there for a writing WIP). 

I store my acrylic paints in an over the door shoe organizer. 
All my textbooks and camera equipment live in this locker, and the silk flowers on top are from my wedding! 

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