Saturday, October 29

Not too Busy for Doughnuts

It's getting colder in Edmonton -- and no, my exposure was just fine, that's how the sky actually looks. It's dreary, in short. I'm making up for it with some new clothes from Old Navy in rich fall colours.

Another coping tactic: doughnuts. Nick and I are not good at waking up in the morning, so we rarely make it to Saturday markets to buy my favourite treats. Luckily, Moonshine Doughnuts opened an online shop so I can pre-order my doughnuts! Loath to miss an opportunity of this nature, I paid for my doughnuts Friday and Nick and I lazed about home Saturday morning, went out for brunch, and then meandered to the market to pick up my doughnuts! A miracle of technology I tell you!
The last few weeks (and this coming week no doubt) have been absolute insanity.

I'm finished my midterms (and I'm still in the program, there's a relief) but now I'm facing a single week left of major projects. At the same time, I'm finishing up some freelance writing contracts, modules from UBC's Game Writing Academy, and launching a photography business. Eep! Good thing I have a fantastic husband who takes directions. The other night while I wrote my online midterm in the computer room Nick took dinner directions and dutifully cooked a meal for three. He's stepped it up with dish washing too. Now if I could only train him to vacuum. The real victim here is poor Lola, she hasn't been getting out enough this season! She's more bored than normal, that's for sure. Good thing our sweet mail lady has been leaving her treats at the door. <3

The other thing falling to the side: my weight watchers regime. Some of you know I'm down 34 pounds -- or, I was a few weeks ago! Haha, there's nothing quite like doughnuts when it comes to emergency self-care! And I've been giving myself permission to indulge whilst school rages on. Turns out, there's nothing wrong with gaining a couple of pounds if your doughnuts are keeping you sane. Life tip right there.

Until next time my friends!

Cookie Monster by Moonshine Doughnuts <3

Pants and top Old Navy, Clarks boots from The Bay, Scarf (old) Smart Set, August Silk vest from Winners 

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