Tuesday, October 11

Be Your Own Boss

I thought fall was going to barrel on into winter for a second. That is to say, it got bloody cold.

Luckily, fall is mellowing out a touch and in honour of that fact, I headed outside in a crop top.

That's the kind of shit you can get away with when you're being your own boss, which is what I'm doing now two days a week.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I don't have any classes, so I take them as 'work days'. Days I can sit down to work on contracts, photo shoot editing, and branding for my new photography business. I also need to get house work and home work done in these two days -- so it's important to stay on top of things.
 I accomplish this by following a few key pieces of advice. Things I've gleaned from pinterest and friends and family that just so happen to be super true.

Here's 1:  get out of bed just like it's a normal work day. 

It's so easy to cuddle Lola and stay in bed 'till 11, but that is not how you get things done. So I get up just after Nick leaves.

2: Put on clothes and wash face/brush teeth. IE. Get ready just like it's a normal work day. 

This is so important, you would not believe the difference in my productivity when I don't bother to get dressed first thing vs. when I put on clothes and eat breakfast and wear makeup or do my hair. I don't always do all of these things -- but I always do a few of them. It helps.

 3: Make a to-do list. 

I've heard a lot recently about bullet journals. It's when you have a blank journal that you can jot down to-do lists and write out calendars and the like. I'm going to get myself one.

You might have seen me making lists on instagram, that's how I do it now, but it's about time I get myself a journal. I have enough things to balance without loosing my tiny sticky note pad!

 4: Prioritize and then get working. 

Tricky thing is you actually have to do what you said you were gonna do. Being your own boss means buckling down and getting away from those time suck things (you know the ones) that stop you from being productive. For me this feeds heavily into my last tip --

5. Schedule in breaks. 

I set timers for an hour or half hour and then take a 15 min - 30 min break to do other things. Take the dog out, surf facebook, read up on something interest related, head over to tumblr or read some blogs. I need to schedule these things in or I will get side tracked during work and do them anyway! I use the timer app on my computer, it comes with windows so it's easy to find and use.

So that's where I'm at -- I'll let you know in a few months if I've quietly gone insane.
How do you guys balance everything you have to get done? Leave a comment! 

Cardigan old, GAP girlfriend chambray chino's, second hand boots, CAMP brand goods crop top, vintage boss pin, Saressa Designs Etsy bracelet (Saressadesigns,com), Everlane belt 

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