Tuesday, June 14

Honest.Com Round Up and Review

Hey! You guys remember all those Honest.com unboxings I did ever and ages ago? Well, I may have stopped posting about it, but I haven't stopped ordering products from the Honest company. I love having all those little fidly house products delivered to my door when I need them and I still love Honest's Essentials Bundle subscription model (easy to pause and waylay until the very moment you need to restock). They've improved a lot of their packaging for shipping to Canada so spills and leaks are a thing of the past and I love the bonus products they include every so often!

I'm going to share some of my favourite buys from Honest, and some of my least favourite, and tell you why. Here goes: 
The winners are pretty clear in the body category, I LOVE the Honest toothpaste and conditioning detangler, both of which I order about once every month. I use them the most, my husband and I both use the toothpaste. Toothpaste is one of those cosmetics I found there weren't a lot of alternatives for in drug stores that aren't tested on animals and are environmentally friendly, I do love Tom's naturals and Kiss My Face toothpaste, but they can be hard to find when out and about, SO I love to keep some of this stocked in the house. 

I forgot to include them when I took the photos (see photo at very bottom of post), but I also use the Honest shampoo/body wash and conditioner. The shampoo is not for everyone, my husband doesn't like the way it feels in your hair (it's more of an oily clean than a clean clean for him) but I like it. I use it mostly as a body wash. I did notice they recently released new shampoos and conditioners I haven't tried yet.

I do also really like the body oil, which feels great and keeps my skin moisturized, and the bug spray. The bug spray actually smells great and works great, but I've had trouble with the spray top getting clogged which is annoying. 

The shave oil works really well, but it clogs my razor horribly so I end up having to spend more money on razor blades and change my blade more often. Probably not a bad thing in the long run, but annoying. The deodorant I did not like at all at first, it doesn't seem to work very well for me at all -- if I use it and end up sweating, guess what, I still smell, and it is bloody cold to spritz on which is not nice in the winter, BUT recently I've started spritzing it on post yoga work out and it is a nice refreshing spray that makes me feel a little bit better about my slight yoga scent. ;)

Not Pictured: I totally forgot about my biggest Honest fail to date, the Honest healing balm. I thought it would make a good hand lotion for very dry hands and the oil content actually separated from the cream so that when I squeezed the tube it just  leaked oil everywhere. It was  messy, and oily, and gross. I actually threw it away.
 I really don't have any losers in this area (the stain remover some how found it's way in here, but oh well). I use the multi-surface cleaner most often, and honestly (harhar) could get by with just purchasing that one cleaner to replace allll the others. It makes a fair glass cleaner and does bathrooms just as well as any other space in the house. I do use the others, but not as much.

The wet mopping pads are a great little luxury item if I'm too lazy to suds up a mop I can stick them to any swiffer-like mop to spot clean or even do all the laminate in the house. They really never dry out too, i've had them in my closet for a year probably (since I don't always use them when I mop) and they're still good. The reason I don't use them more is that they don't quite fit my no-name brand swiffing tool so they require a little macgyvering to stay on.
 I've loved this laundry detergent since I first met it. It's funny, I've had a few friends and others give me hand me down clothes lately and I am so overwhelmed by the scents on them! I'm used to my clothes not having a perfumed scent, so it's weird to encounter evidence of other detergents. I love that this detergent does the job well, without the scent and without the chemicals. I've heard some controversy over the ingredients in the detergent, but overall I'm happy that it doesn't sacrifice performance while still being gentle.

The stain remover has saved my life many times, it works very well while still being gentle on clothes. I love it.

The oxy boost seems to work well and I do use it when I wash whites, but I did have some of the packs burst in the bag which is quite messy.

I've tried the lavender and the citrus dish soap and I am so in love with this pair of lavender soaps right now, they smell amazing and I love washing the dishes (or my hands) with it. Plus, I think it works great.

I also use the lavender scented  air and fabric spray and it's wonderful. It's lavender/vanilla and I use it in our bedroom for a calming, restful environment (also pictured at the bottom left of the post).

The dishwasher packs on the other hand... In fairness, I have an old dishwasher and I have no idea how one maintains their dishwasher so it isn't the greatest to start but this dishwasher detergent does almost nothing in my dishwasher and I have used it about four times before I gave up and went back to the grocery store.

Every once in awhile Honest will include a thoughtful gift with your order, I've recieved lip gloss, a cookie cutter and organic cookie mix (for Christmas), and these adorable freezer packs (I got to choose the pattern) which are amazing for bug bites, small injuries, or just hot days!

You can subscribe to the Honest Essentials bundle on their website (here's my referral link if you want to give it a go), but another way to buy is through Well.ca, which I noticed is having a big sale on Honest products for the next few days! 

What other products from Honest.com have you tried? Anything awesome I'm missing out on?

PS. Honest isn't sponsoring this post or anything, but I wish they would hire me as a sales rep. ;)

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