Friday, September 11

Man Inspired, Woman Perfected

I happen to be working with a lovely lady and fellow blogger, Meagan, who is one half of the team behind the blog "Flannel Foxes". Meagan has been a peach, she even took some outfit photos for me (which I still haven't gotten around to posting! Sheesh!) Her blog is based on taking mens wear looks, and recreating them for women -- tom boy style. It's a super cool venture and I love seeing how the ladies interpret the outfits.

They do a 'follower fridays' feature and Meagan asked if Nick and I would be interested in sharing an outfit. It was surprisingly easy to convince Nick to put on an identical outfit to mine and pose in the rain for these shots, and we even got a rainbow out of it! Consider this our one year wedding anniversary photo shoot. ;)

My outfit: GAP linen T, Winners button down, JCrew skinny jeans, GAP wool slip on shoes
Nick's outfit: Everlane T, American Apparel Jeans, Thrifted button down, Marks Work Warehouse shoes

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