Tuesday, August 18

Me 2 You

I wore this outfit on a particularly warm day a couple of weeks ago and felt pretty cool. I've owned this cardigan from anthropologie for years and have never really found a way to wear it that I thought looked right. I must be coming into my own as a hippy because since wearing it thrown casually over a T and denim shorts, I've been wearing it with pretty much everything! I had a head cold for a couple weeks (still feeling it actually) and wore it every day as my cozy (but not too warm) sick cardigan, pockets stuffed with tissue. TMI? Probably. Keeping it real. I got lots of compliments at least, which is nice when you're sick. 

I've been in an intensive two week course involving early mornings and -- egad -- homework,  but I think I'm just about at the home stretch. Wish me luck! 
T JCrew, Cardigan Anthropologie, shorts Winners

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