Monday, August 10


For our one year wedding anniversary Nick and I took in the adorable Hobbit themed pyramid at the Muttart Conservatory here in Edmonton. We visited the Muttart a couple of times when we were dating, and on one memorable date as we sat down for lunch at the Culina Cafe Nick pulled out my chair and a little old lady at the table next to us leaned over to exclaim that there are few gentlemen left in the world and I was lucky to have nabbed one! It was a special little memory that made returning to the Muttart and Culina's for our anniversary extra special!

Of course, it helps that I've been a giant Tolkien nerd since childhood. The hobbit hole was done by Axis Mundi Artistry (whose work I've admired for years and occasionally had the pleasure of purchasing), and they did a beautiful job!

As for having passed our first marriage milestone of one year, I'll say that I am ever more in love with my husband, and even though we're facing some difficult times personally, our marriage will only be strengthened by facing these challenges together. I've truly lucked out by finding one of the most understanding, affectionate, and loveable men out there!

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