Monday, April 20

What's in my Bag

This is literally an outfit I have on repeat right now. The skinny jeans are from JCrew and they are the most comfortable skinny jeans I have ever owned. I love the black denim and the distressed knees, they go with everything! I also somehow feel edgy when I'm wearing them -- especially with a leather jacket thrown on top. These illusions please me.

The top is another new favorite, it's a linen blend chambray from The Gap and it has a great high low hem. Slightly cropped in the front (making it the perfect thing to wear with high wasted pants) and lower in the back. When I wear it I feel truly effortless, and it washes well too.

There's something about throwing an outfit on, knowing everything is high quality and works.  This has been a go to Monday outfit for work and for some reason, the smock-like shape of the shirt makes me want to paint something? This is a strange phenomenon that requires further investigation.

Also on my list of favorites? My glasses! Who would have thought I would actually enjoy wearing glasses. I do! They make me feel a little smarter 'cause I'm into cliches.

I originally took these outfit photos with the idea of sharing something special for my four year blogging anniversary, haha, turns out I am way too slow transferring files around and editing things to get it out in time. That being said, I wanted to do something fun and I had just switched purses so my bag was suspiciously clean inside. Clean bag + fun new things = What's in Kaitlyns Bag Post!

In case you were ever wondering:

1. Glasses and glasses case (technically the glasses were on my head).
2. Zune. Because I am the only Canadian in the world to have purchased a Zune and still own one. This baby used to go everywhere for me,  once I got a smart phone it was relegated to a drawer in my storage room for about two years. Recently, my husband and I started listening to music when we're falling asleep and I've been building sleep playlists on my Zune for that purpose. Thus, it is resurrected! Carrying it to work to sync my playlists. 
3. My E-reader. As you can see, I've been reading "Hild" by Nicola Griffith. Sadly, it's slow going and I'm having trouble getting into it. I've been cycling between this, endless Dragon Age fanfic, and a book my friend loaned me called "Redshift Rendezvous" by John E. Stith.
4. and 5. Some dark berry lipstick and gloss. I bought these for my wedding but now they're my go to combo.
6. My phone of course.
8. My berry leather wallet from Everlane. Not sure if I'll ever buy a zip wallet again, it literally ate a five dollar bill the other day.
9. And lastly, my buss pass. That's right girls and boys, this girl takes public transit.

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