Tuesday, April 28

Linen is for Spring

I found this linen dress at Old Navy of all places, and I'm in love with it. I'm pretty sure it's a knock off of an older Madewell style, and I'm cool with that, plus it's the perfect weight, entirely lined and did I mention linen? My favorite fabric. I wore this outfit to my Easter dinner at the beginning of the month, and boy -- a lot has changed since then! It's absolutely gorgeous in Edmonton lately, spring is really truly in the air.

Life has been marching on lately, I've been writing up a storm which is an excellent feeling and I even managed to finish off a short story that I'm really proud of. I'm so grateful to all my friends for being willing beta readers and especially my husband who must have read over twenty different versions of my final paragraph. I literally could not get it right and it was killing me! Oddly, it was when I was separated from my computer, riding home on the bus that I had a  moment of clarity and re-wrote my ending on my phone. Turned out perfectly and I couldn't be happier! Well, I'll be a little happier if it actually gets in to the anthology I've submitted to, but if it doesn't I'll be shopping it around to be sure!

PS. We bought this little couch for Nick's den and somehow it made it's way into our living room to provide extra seating for a big friendly gathering. Oddly, it's still there! It just fits so perfectly into this spot in the room and is much lower profile then the white chairs I had there before. I should probably send it back to the den where it belongs, but I like having it out here! The pets like it too, they love napping on it in the sun now.

Dress: Old Navy, Boots: Express, Cape: Hudsons Bay

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