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The Honest Company - Essentials Bundle Review

I've heard a lot about the Honest Company and their business model and product innovation over the last couple of years and have been waiting for an opportunity to try them out. A little over a month ago a great discount ended up in my inbox and I jumped at the chance to use it.

Since the bundles are the best value, I set about choosing the products I wanted for my first shipment. I chose the Essentials bundle which allows you to choose five products for 35.95 and add up to three additional products at a 25% discount. Since I had a promo code I ordered all 8 products.

Unboxing: First Look
From Cleaning I chose the laundry detergent, laundry stain remover, multi surface cleaner, dishwasher packs, and floor cleaner (which comes in a spray bottle for spot cleaning spills, brilliant!). The other products I chose were the hair and body wash (which I heard great things about for all ages), the new spray deodorant, and the air and linen spray in vanilla lavender. 

 There is a fifteen dollar surcharge to ship internationally, but with my discount it still came to about $45 total. The detergent did end up spilling slightly on it's way to me, but everything was very well packaged and I think the only reason this happened was because it arrived frozen solid! In the process of freezing and melting and expanding and blah blah it did seep out of the cap a little and make a bit of a mess, but I don't think I lost very much.

I was so surprised and pleased to find they also included a free bonus item! An adorable snow flake cookie cutter AND the organic cookie mix to go with it. That in itself is at least a five dollar value so I was very touched.

Cookies! The mix, instructions and cookie cutter were packaged in a cute muslin bag.
At this point I've had the opportunity to try all the products and I don't think there's a single one I don't like .

The stain remover and deodorant.
The spray deodorant was a very interesting experience, haha, I've never used anything other then the powder stick kind from the drug store. I feel like I need to get used to spraying (super cold) liquid on my pits, but it seems to work and smells great and I think that in the summer it will be very refreshing. The stain remover is quickly becoming my favorite item! I've been using it to pre-treat many items, especially white clothes, before washing. I had a sweater with stains that had been through the wash a couple times previously and when I washed it with this sprayed on it came completely clean. I was very impressed.

The fabric and room spray.
 The linen spray has a very strong vanilla scent, actually it smells just like a London Fog Latte so I'm kinda hooked. I went all around the house spraying it everywhere, but I've been using it regularly in our bedroom to help us fall asleep. I really like the shampoo and body wash! I feel like it's an amazingly versatile formula. As a body wash, my skin felt protected and moisturized after, and it seemed to do a great job making my hair feel clean and fresh. Like many sulfate free shampoos it doesn't work up a great lather, and I did feel like I used a lot of it to get my whole  head (I have a lot of hair) but I think worth it for how good  my scalp felt afterwards. I also found another strange use for this shampoo but you'll have to wait and see in another post.

Shampoo and body wash -- an essential from the collection.
The dishwasher packs and laundry detergent both seem to work very well. I haven't had any trouble with my clothes, or dishes, coming beautifully clean.  The laundry detergent especially will become a staple in my house, I love the scent and it really does work wonderfully. The multipurpose cleaner I have been using in the bathroom. I think I'll be purchasing the tub and tile cleaner next for this purpose, as the multipurpose cleaner seems a little out of it's depth when used this way. I love the way it smells, but it has almost an oily feel to it and I don't know if it's best used on my granite vanity top. I think I will try and use it elsewhere before making a final judgement on this product.

 Technically this is a subscription service, but unlike other such subscriptions Honest has a very intuitive and, yes, honest, method for dealing with unsubscribing/skipping months. On my account/bundles page next to The Essential bundle all I had to do was choose a date from the drop down menu to indicate that I wouldn't be needing another bundle for awhile. I chose to indicate three months from my subscription date, but that was arbitrary. It appears you can choose any date in the future to continue your service. This is great if you happen to be a young married couple with no children who don't need diapers every month, or go through their cleaning products too quickly. This also means that you could ensure you always have their products on hand by checking an earlier date. Just estimate how long your products will last and subscribe from there.

I've already planned my next shipment for mid April. I'm tempted to try a whole bundle of new products, but  I might need to restock my dishwasher packs and laundry detergent. For sure I want to try the Oxy Boost packs for laundry and the tub and tile cleaner for the bathroom. There's something so wonderful about knowing you're choosing the best products for  your home. I really believe in this company and hope to have a long happy relationship with them.

If you have small kids, are expecting a child, or just want to use safe, green products around your home I would highly recommend the Honest Company.

PS. This post (and my side bar) contains my referral link for The Honest Company, they provide their subscribers a $20 credit when someone uses this link to make a purchase.

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