Monday, March 16

Saturday at Deermound Park

 Lola isn't a big fan of being in the car... at all. In fact, she's so opposed to it that last weekend when we put her in the car to go to my parents house she threw up before we had even closed the door, let alone started moving. Poor thing. So it was a little funny when we got her in the car to go to the park on Saturday. She was fine at first, normal levels of anxiety, but as we drove past our usual dog park and continued on she began to get excited about the trip. Maybe it was that the weather allowed us to roll the windows down, maybe it's because she didn't have to wear a jacket to stay warm, but she was happy. She stood up with her paws on the console between Nick and I and started to smile.

Deermound Dog Park isn't exactly close by, it's in Sherwood Park and we're in North Edmonton so it's a bit of a drive -- but it's worth it. The park is absolutely massive, with huge wide open fields to run in and a collection of well used hiking trails through a wooded area that actually feels like legit forest. It's like being on my parents rural acreage an hour and a half out of the city, it's like being in the woods behind my grandparents house when I was a kid. Lola gets to experience nature in a way she can't in the city, and I love seeing her so happy. She absolutely thrives and it's awesome! Something about a dog getting to take in so many new and exciting smells just tires them out like nothing else.

Lola and Lola's 'frienemy' Halo, haha.
 After our romp in the park with friends Beth and pup Halo (who loves Lola and wants so badly to play with her even though Lola apparently doesn't know how to play), came back to our house for pie (since it was pie day) and a movie. Weekend Perfection.
 IRL Note: this was before our car didn't want to start and then did start and then we discovered we had driven over our friends phone which got dropped on the pavement. SO little disasters, but there's something about people who can role with the punches that make life easy. So thanks Beth, and thanks to puppies. It's so important not to let the little bad things eclipse life's awesome moments.

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  1. How I missed this post until now is beyond me! Especially because you got a picture of Halo that isn't blurry! Hooray! That was a nice day!


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