Tuesday, February 17

Valentines Day Weekend

This is the first year I can remember when Valentines day has miraculously fallen on not only a Saturday, but a long weekend. Somehow, this made it seem even more special as  we were able to enjoy each other for a full three days with romance full on our minds.

For the last couple weeks I've been subtly and not so subtly hinting that all I wanted for V day was some locally made, gourmet doughnuts. We originally planned on brunch, followed by a shopping spree at Ikea, but sadly we both slipped up and kinda spent our Ikea money. Saving that for later, we headed out of the house around noon for brunch. Nick  surprised me with a trip downtown to pick up doughnuts from Moonshine doughnuts. He bought a full dozen and got full points. They were delicious! Strawberry Champagne, Caramel & Balsamic, Almond Earl Grey and Quadruple Chocolate. I was kinda not so secretly in love with the Almond Earl Grey. 

For brunch,  I indulged my sweet tooth further with the Raspberry Crisp french toast from Tutti Fruity. Nick likes the Celine's Special. After brunch we spent some time chatting with my mum (she traded us some doughnuts for homemade scones, as you can see they invaded the doughnut box a bit). For dinner we cooked up some coconut crusted tilapia and sauteed Swiss chard. I made raw strawberry ice box cake for dessert (just big enough for two!). We watched Castle and had a great time!

It was a warm sort of wintery weekend filled with fresh, fluffy snow and sunny, warm afternoons. We took advantage on Sunday and took Lola to the park. She had an absolutely grand time! Running zig zags, being brave, rolling and diving into the snow. She's quite the snow dog, and oh so cute in her little pink dog hoodie from Amazon. We saw Kingsmen in the afternoon (loved it, though it's occasionally too crude), and spent some time with my sister and her boyfriend. Monday we had a great lunch with our two families, and spent the evening with friends! 

I know Nick and I will always look back on this weekend fondly, it was kinda perfect. There's nothing quite like spending time with all of the people you love the most, and doing the things that make you happy. <3  

One thing we didn't do this year was take our annual family portrait! It will have to wait till next weekend as there isn't enough natural light in the house after work quite yet. I'm still however, determined to keep up the tradition, even if we're a little late.

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  1. Sounds like a great time! The doughnuts sound yummy! I'm surprised you liked Kingsman since you hated Kick Ass. You know it was made by the same people, right? If not... Surprise!


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