Tuesday, February 17

Small Changes

These past few months I've been taking baby steps on the journey towards 'minimalism'. I read Marie Kondo's book on Tidying Up, and it lit a bit of a fire under me to pare down my belongings and start enjoying my space to the fullest. So I began the purge. It's slow going sadly, life still must go on, but progress is gradually being made.

Shortly after my purge began, I purchased my first cleaning bundle from The Honest Company. Their natural, beautiful products helped me discover the joy in cleaning my home! Smelling the scents of orange and lavender instead of musty house smell makes me want to clean all the time!

Here's a few 'in progress' snaps of the house:
 First, the bathroom! This is my first real success story. Haha. See the little makeup caddy on the vanity in the first picture? That's now all the makeup I own. I'm not even a little sad about cleaning out an eleven year old makeup collection since discovering that it has an expiry date and eleven years is actually way too long to keep an eyeshadow pallet you never use.

I cleaned out under the cabinet and a nearby closet and moved all of our bathroom cleaning supplies and such over the toilet along with our towels. They're now living in a little DIY my dad helped with, two baskets from Winners screwed to the wall. This makes a huge difference in space! I also like that guests can immediately see where the extra TP is. ;) A small purchase that made a huge difference was the mesh shower organizer, there's now nothing sitting on the edge of our tub and I love it.

On the back of the toilet is another wire basket with some extra bits like a pretty candle, body cream and a place for our toothpaste to live instead of on the counter. They're all safely contained in dip dyed mason jars we did for our wedding. Marie Kondo talks about removing brand labels from your products and I did that with the cream, it actually does make it look nicer and more calming!  She also talks about using found objects for organization instead of spending money on fancy organizers, so I'm happy to say (almost) all of the organizers in the bathroom are ones I already owned and moved from somewhere else where they were sitting idle! She would probably dock me marks for that shower organizer, but it doesn't make sense to throw out products we're still using. Eventually I hope we can pare down our shower products considerably.

 Still in the works, I'm slowly getting through all the junk previously 'stored' in our spare room. It's quite the victory that you can see the floor in the above photo! Some of what's left needs to be given away, and some of it organized and stored. The closet, seen above, is actually a pretty proud moment for me. The very bottom used to house all of our Christmas decor, and now the entire closet sits empty (scattered contents are placeholders only, haha) waiting for me to organize it. The top of the closet now neatly stores all of our luggage! What a big difference, let me tell you, as our suitcases used to live in the bottom of our bedroom closet. I was quite amazed and pleased that I could fit them all up there. I also stuffed larger items we don't need often (like an old rug I haven't decided where to put yet, and my lace tablecloth collection from our wedding) into the suitcases. The trick is going to be remembering what's inside them without pulling them down everytime I forget...

My goal for this room is to clear it out almost completely so that we can put a small day bed in there. One day it will have to be a nursery so the dresser is about all that I want to stay. I'm thinking about selling my little sewing desk, even though it's perfect for my sewing machine Marie Kondo would probably ask why I don't carry my sewing machine to the dining table when I want to use it, since the rest of the time this desk just collects junk. Sad, because it's sew cute! (harhar).
And my last victory! This little Ikea sofa has been sitting in it's box since it was delivered about six months ago. Not a joke. Nick insisted he would hate it so he refused to put it together. Well I was tired of having a functionless box and no sofa so I started it's assembly on my own. Nick helped in the end. As predicted by me, the sofa fits perfectly in the room and although he will not be winning any awards for comfort, he provides a very nice spot for friends and animals to sit while Nick is on the computer. I love it, and the room looks so so much better (and closer to being done!) then it did a week ago.

Tommy has one more week to go before he gets full run of the house again (he's been in isolation with a broken toe) hence all the cat stuff in the picture! 

That's about it! Other small changes so far include moving Nicks board game collection from an overfilled cupboard in the kitchen to the bookshelves in the living room. Much better. Now my stand mixer has somewhere to live and guests can see the whole board game collection at a glance. Also in that newly re-purposed cupboard are all of my baking pans, neatly standing in a rack for that purpose. I'm kinda geeking out about this solution considering they used to all live in the very back of a corner cabinet and the frequent refrain was "NICK where are my cookie sheets??" because they would stack and hide each other from view. No longer!

Victory shall soon be mine!

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