Monday, January 19

Weekend Casual Uniform

 Well, look here? Another outfit featuring my favorite joggers, AKA, my daily uniform. I'm slowly learning about more minimalist dressing and how one can wear a variation on the same thing over and over again (a crisp shirt, a comfy pair of pants) and always feel and look awesome. I won't lie, I wore this outfit on Saturday... and Sunday. All I did was change my accessories and switch from my navy joggers to my black joggers. I have a sickness and it's name is joggers. Of note: it's now Monday and I am wearing tights and a skirt... joggers are in the wash.

The other half of this outfit is the drapey white shirt which I picked up on sale from LOFT a couple months ago. There's a stupid amount of white in my closet at the moment given the fact I have two pets and cannot bake a single thing without getting it all over myself. There's just something about the versatility of a soft white shirt, how it can pair with almost anything and always look sophisticated, easy and classic.

My sweater is from GAP, and represents one of the newest additions to my wardrobe. I picked it up on boxing day from the website at a great price, and I absolutely love it! It's warm and soft and so far goes with a lot of outfits. I've had some not so great luck with other GAP sweaters being unflattering, but this one is perfect. Who would have thought purple would be my favorite colour to splash throughout my wardrobe? Turns out it goes great with my colour palette of navy, olive green, white and grey.

GAP Sweater and Moto Joggers, LOFT Easy T, Clarks chelsea boots, necklace old

 Edited with ABM photoshop action: Imogen

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