Wednesday, January 7

Goodbye 2014: Our Year

2014 was kinda great for me (and Nick).

We have a couple of friends and family who got chewed up and spit out by 2014 and to them I say, 2015 is here! It's kinda sucky when your friends are not having as smooth and fun a time as you, but we still have to appreciate and celebrate how awesome the year has been while looking forward to better days for everyone. We've given the moniker #YEAROFDALLAS to 2015 already (one of our friends who's life is lookin' up) so 2014 might as well have been #YEAROFJEWELLS for Nick and I.
 This was the year we planned a wedding almost without stress and wringing of hands. That's pretty swell. This was the year we managed to pay for a wedding without going into debt! This is the year we got married! This is the year we truly enjoyed our sweet pup and the love that a dog can bring to your life. I both met my favorite author (Peter S Beagle) and saw my favorite band (Queen)! I did a start to finish play through of all three Mass Effect games! We were spoiled by friends and given all kinds of amazing gifts to beautify and make functional our backyard entertaining space, which we are more than a little excited to do in 2015!
This is the year we traveled to PEI and I got to meet Nicks grandparents, got to see the Island and got to eat the best ice cream. This is the year I read a lot of books and wrote a lot of words (just not quite 50000 yet). We played a lot of video games, visited a lot of parks, had a lot of picnics, and spent time with a lot of great friends. I learned to make doughnuts and bagels from scratch (it's been a delicious year) and I sunk over a hundred hours into Dragon Age Inquisition (nerd badge of honour?).

This was a great year, one that leaves us feeling more loved then we've ever felt. 

2015 is already shaping up to be a bit of a different year, one that involves budgeting and hand wringing and learning to live on less (What? Sounds like another wedding no?), but we're excited to take on new challenges and set ourselves up for our future together. Hopefully, the decisions we make now will lead to happiness and a high quality of life, say, five years from now. That's the dream. I imagine I'm going to be sharing more in this space about the realities of budgeting, being an obsessive online clothing shopper with no money, and maybe some details about making grocery budgets stretch and who knows, freezer meals. Maybe I'll get there. 

So here's to 2015! #YEAROFDALLAS

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